Ethnospecific Research, Data Collection, & Consulting

Ethnospecific Research, Data Collection, & Consulting

The national consensus regarding health care improvement, is that a reduction in health disparities and health inequality is required. Despite recent efforts, health equity remains elusive, predominantly because the poor health of the African American community persists.

It is important to note that the term African American is used generally to refer to individuals with melanin dominant phenotype and does not specifically describe a singular ethnic group, rather a collective pool of multiple ethnicities that share a similar skin complexion and features. The medical research community has yet to appreciate this diversity. Our research effort, will offer develop studies to help frame policies and interventions to ameliorate health disparities, more specifically those of African Americans.

Our partner, the International Institute for the Study of African American Health Disparities has helped build a conceptual model allowing us to relate social (distal) determinants, with individual (proximal) determinants of health.

Consequential benefits:

  • Ethno-specific Medical Standards (Treatment/Procedures/Pharmaceuticals)
  • Ethno-specific genetic markers
  • Creation of ethno-specific research industry
  • Creation of ethno-specific database
  • Ethno-specific Health Education & Health Literacy
  • Public & Community Health Efforts
  • Advancement in ethno-specific medical infrastructure and healthcare administration
  • Reduction in Racial/Ethnic Discrimination & Bias
  • Appropriate Ethno-specific Data Collection & Record Keeping