About Dr Jeffrey Hubbard

Photo of Jeffrey Hubbard of Kemeticare

Dr. Jeffrey B. Hubbard M.D., M.S. is a conscientious medical professional with over 15 years of scientific experience, and 7 years of extensive medical training. He is excited to raise health awareness in underserved communities by introducing a new approach to health & well being. His specific interests include public, community, & environmental health and health care infrastructure.

A native of Houston, TX, Dr. Jeffrey graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s School of Science and Technology in 2006 with a degree in Biology. He continued his education at FAMU’s School of Graduate Studies, graduating in 2008 with a Master’s in Physiology. Subsequently, he moved to Illinois and completed his formal medical education at Southern Illinois University, graduating in 2013.

His travels and experiences have shown that the need for diverse, culturally competent, compassionate physicians extends further than his neighborhood. It is Dr. Jeffrey’s passion to provide superior healthcare to this demographic and others that need it most; it is his belief that through strategic planning and foresight, true progress can be accomplished.

Speaker & Community Health Activist

Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard is in high demand as a keynote and motivational speaker. He has traveled all over the country delivering addresses to various crowds at a myriad of events. These messages cover: Allopathic Medicine, Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine Modalities, Dietary & Lifestyle Modification, Public & Community Health, Optimizing Nutrition, Educational Perseverance.

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