Health Fairs & Community Outreach

KemetiCare Community Outreach & Health Fairs:   

Kemeticare’s community outreach and health fairs are one or two day events designed to address health disparities and engage the community.

We hope to tackle the needs of the community through building meaningful partnerships with social and religious organizations in an effort to raise health consciousness through dissemination of medical knowledge, health literacy, and lifestyle modification ultimately leading to a healthier community. 

Our outreach efforts are used to generate excitement and enthusiasm about improving the health conditions of the community. In order to create personal profiles for health fair participants, we require completion of our health intake questionnaire and surveys, in conjunction with the various components of the health fair:   

  • Telehealth consultation
  • Wellness consultation
  • Pharmaceutical consultation
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Tissue collection and Laboratory testing
  • Autonomic nervous system (ANS) diagnostic assessment
  • Therapeutic treatment
    • Bemer
    • Reiki
    • Acupressure massage
    • Lymphathic drainage

Following the creation of the profile, participants will be categorized in to four groups based upon the details of their health data:

  1. Low risk
  2. Moderate risk
  3. Significant risk
  4. Emergent

A report with pertinent data and wellness recommendations will be generated and accessible. Patients are encouraged to share the information compiled with their personal physician and close family. 

Participants and KemetiCare staff will be able to track member’s progress through comparisons of updates and changes to baseline data. Recommendations are provided to further the success of each member, including alterations to their wellness plan and changes in diet, exercise, and stress reduction activities. Subsequent appointments between KemetiCare staff and participants are designed to update health statistics and recent developments.  

KemetiCare’s goal is to develop subgroups within these organizations in order to develop health outreach teams that consists of 7 – 10 dedicated people to guide and oversee the health needs of the participants of the health fair. They will be responsible for coordinating future KemetiCare visits, health lectures, walking club, yoga classes, and improving overall community health. The facility will then serve as a hub for KemetiCare business and implementation of services.

Objective Measure: Improvement of Baseline Vital signs and Bio-markers

Key Indicators: 

  1. Improvement of vital signs, bio-markers, and laboratory values associated with poor health.
  2. Improvement in subjective evaluation overall wellness.
  3. Recurring participation in KemetiCare events and services.

Please contact us if your organization would like to host a health fair or community event.