The KemetiCare Ecosystem

Our healthcare ecosystem is composed of 5 key areas.

Koncierge Wellness Memberships

KemetiCare’s proprietary software is designed to create Personal Health and Wellness profiles for patients. Provides the members of the community, with basic medical knowledge of the disease. Increases awareness of the necessary lifestyle changes required to improve health.  And facilitates a platform for both KemetiCare staff and the Patient to track the improvement of their health.

KemetiCare Virtual Health Network

The KemetiCare Health Education Network provides the community with interactive and entertaining health education videos designed to help members understand the basics of the human anatomy and physiology, common pathologies, and lifestyle habits that can contribute to the development of disease.

Ethnospecific Research & Data Collection

Public health officials and researchers continue to be increasingly concerned about the health of populations of color, especially African Americans. Despite recent efforts, health equity remains problematic, predominantly, because the health of African American communities persists. KemetiCare will tackle this problem through data collection and research.

Health Fairs & Kommunity Outreach

The diagnostic division of KemetiCare is primarily centered around recently designed and improved autonomic nervous system (ANS) testing, a powerful tool utilized to assess the communication between the brain, cardiovascular system and other organs. This testing procedure is deemed medically appropriate to diagnose illness in a variety of medical disciplines.

Klean & Healthy

This segment of the ecosystem strives to improve the public health of the pediatric community.  This is primarily achieved by teaching proactive approaches to lifestyle habits and sanitary behaviors that decrease the transmission of pathogens and boost the immune system.