Concierge Wellness Membership

Prosperity Health Wellness Membership

When was the last wellness checkup you had? Are you able to have one-on-one time did you have with the doctor? Did you feel rushed? Did you have discussions about prevention of disease? Did you leave with a detailed plan of action plan to accomplish your health goals and objectives?

Concierge medicine or “membership medicine” defines a practice model in which patients pay a monthly or annual fee in exchange for enhanced, personalized health services. Our fee is for the basic services that every patient in our network needs, other charges may apply for additional services required. This model provides our staff and practitioners the opportunity to build strong, lasting relationships and get to know our patients outside of their health.

Typically, busy schedules and short appointments only allows for a very basic health screens and checkups; the nurse and physician will take vital signs, briefly review records, order tests or labs, and update treatment options. In most cases this leaves minimal time to asks questions and build rapport following your physical exam.  

KemetiCare’s staff is dedicated to creating optimal health for our members. The personalized supplemental health care plans featured in our concierge wellness plans are designed to go above and beyond the standard care. Collectively, we will develop an individualized plan that includes action steps, progress updates, and timely follow up. In addition, your monthly membership fee gives you access to our digital platform and 24/7 tele-health staff. You will receive comprehensive health screenings and diagnostic tests that have been proven to help detect issues before symptoms arise. We encourage our members to know their health status and vital statistics, what those statistics mean, and how they can be improved. Whether you’re managing chronic illness, have a family history of disease or consider yourself the picture of health, KemetiCare will assist in developing a proactive approach to maximize your health.

KemetiCare provides basic medical knowledge, how disease develop, and the symptoms that are commonly associated with these diseases as well as raising awareness towards the lifestyle modifications needed to prevent disease development.

Personal Health and Wellness profiles for patients:

  • Increases awareness to the necessary lifestyle modifications required to prevent development or progression of diseases.
  • Facilitates a platform for both KemetiCare staff and member to track the improvement of their health.

Objective Measure: Improvement of baseline vital signs, biomarkers, & subjective health and wellness (KemetiCare Scale)

Key Indicators:

  • Improvement in vital signs and biomarkers contributory to the most common disease in the community.
  • Improvement in overall wellness and subjective response.
  • Participation in the implemented programs provided by the community.