About KemetiCare

KemetiCare LLC is an innovative health and wellness ecosystem that strives to remediate health disparities and tackle chronic illness in both the United States and abroad by teaching and promoting proactive disease prevention. The organization seeks to accomplish this task through development of new health care infrastructure, health education models, ethnospecific biomedical research, and proactive prevention of chronic disease through integrative health and wellness services.

The origin of our health philosophy stems from the ancient Kemetic principle of Ma’at, which roughly translates in to truth, balance, equilibrium, equality, law, order and love. Ma’at represents the ethical and moral principles that every citizen of Kemet was expected to follow throughout their daily lives to prevent chaos in their society. Ma’at is said to be the glue that binds all things together in an indestructible unity: the universe, the natural world, the state, and the individuals within them.

KemetiCare’s founder and president Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard applies the same principle of Ma’at to the human body. Creating homeostasis within cells, tissues, and organs of the body reduces oxidative stress and thus, the development of disease. Concurrently, appropriate nutrition, exercise, nutrigenomics, stress reduction and detoxification can revolutionize the body’s healing mechanisms allowing for an overall healthier existence.

At KemetiCare, our community is paramount – and the resounding result is an appreciably better, more fulfilling healthcare experience for the patients and communities that need it most.

Our group of health care practitioners preserve their professional autonomy in our medical membership-based model; KemetiCare’s role is to provide a conduit between our members and our staff. Our cutting-edge technology, resources and ongoing support gives patients highly personalized supplemental health care, along with an enhanced level of customer service.

Koncierge Health & Wellness Membership: Provision of family-centered holistic health care delivery of acute, chronic, and preventive primary care, including:

  • Relevant screenings and labs
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical consultation
  • Patient Education
  • Nutrition & Diet Support
  • Lifestyle modification & Exercise regimens
  • Comprehensive Wellness Plan
  • Stress Management
  • Detoxification
  • Personalized supplement prescriptions
  • Mental/Emotional/Psychospiritual counseling
  • 24/7 Telehealth services

Key components of our ecosystem



Recognition of the need for consultation and appropriate referral to various health modalities and clinicians that collaborate to establish shared management plans in an effort to formulate an effective plan for improvement and disease prevention.
Coordination & Continuity
Coordinated health services implemented by KemetiCare’s staff, practitioners, members and other service providers that working in conjunction to ensure continuity.
Data Collection & Storage
Maintenance of an encrypted HIPPA compliant, easily accessible, comprehensive health record that contains all pertinent information collected.
Creation of personalized, culturally competent health assessments and counseling to ensure coordinated health improvements and lifestyle modification are successful.

Our Niche

KemetiCare has a collaborative team of the best holistic health practitioners and an ethnospecific research network dedicated to expanding the practice of medicine and scientific method in the United States and abroad through groundbreaking, proactive approaches to healthcare, wellness, and understanding the social issues that impact the health of the world.

Our Team

Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard, M.D., M.S.

Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Jeffrey B. Hubbard M.D., M.S. is a conscientious medical professional with over 15 years of scientific experience, and 7 years of extensive medical training. He is excited to raise health awareness in underserved communities by introducing a new approach to health & well being. His specific interests include public, community, & environmental health and health care infrastructure.

Ashley Scorsone


Highly-motivated, intellectual, and assertive individual, who believes strongly in Professionalism and the empowerment of people. I am a compassionate, hardworking individual, as well.

Daniel Hutcherson
Director of Community Outreach