The Gateway to Transforming Your Health

The Gateway to Transforming Your Health

Your health matters

KemetiCare LLC is an innovative wellness ecosystem that strives to remediate health disparities in the U.S. and developing nations.

The organization seeks to accomplish this task through the development of new healthcare infrastructure, health education models, ethnospecific research, and proactive prevention of chronic disease through integrated koncierge wellness services.

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard, KemetiCare’s staff provides simple wellness strategies to help members of our community reach their personal goals!

We help you transform your health

KemetiCare provides a hybrid platform of digital and inperson services for improvement of personal and community wellness. We offer simplified and personalized plans to proactively prevent disease and chronic illness through a multidisciplinary approach designed to maintain the body’s natural state of homeostasis (balance). Our preventive health & wellness plans promote appropriate nutrition, supplementation and exercise, stress reduction, detoxification, and lifestyle modification as a means to activate the body’s natural healing mechanism.

KemetiCare Scores are created for our members based on the following criteria:

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